Rid Yourself of All Typos with Xposed

Rid Yourself of All Typos with Xposed

The Android OS is fairly inconsistent in certain respects. For example, let’s look at its spell check capabilities. This feature is available in places like your SMS app or Google Docs, but it’s not present in some games or other applications. But since we’re talking about Android, there’s undoubtedly a way of changing this behavior.

One solution comes in the form of an Xposed Framework module by XDA Senior Member elesbb. This module allows the use of spell check in any text field such as those in games and even password fields. Sure, not being able to spell check all text fields isn’t a major annoyance, but having spell check everywhere helps us rid ourselves of common errors.

Naturally to use this module, you must be rooted and have Xposed Framework installed. You can rid yourself of unwanted typos by visiting the module thread.

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