The Risk of Brick – XDA TV

The Risk of Brick – XDA TV

If you spend any amount of time reading or hanging out in the XDA Developers Forums, you will hear people talking about bricking the device. They warn you to be careful because doing this wrong could brick your device. Developers always mention that they are not responsible if you brick your device. There are questions with people asking how to fix their brick. Do the XDA members have a stonemason fetish?

In this episode of XDA TV, Producer and XDA Recognized Contributor rirozizo gets real about the topic of device bricks. He defines what a brick is, what the difference between a hard brick and a soft brick are. Also, he talks about your options if you devices is in one of the many “bricked” states. So, if you want to learn about brick-laying, find a different video, but if you want to learn about mobile device bricks, check out this video.

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