The new ROG Phone SDK for Unity will help game developers support the ROG Phone II and 3

The new ROG Phone SDK for Unity will help game developers support the ROG Phone II and 3

ASUS is joining hands with Unity Technologies, the company behind the Unity development platform, to make it easier for game developers to optimize their games for the ASUS ROG II and the upcoming ROG Phone 3.

The ASUS ROG Phone II and ASUS ROG Phone 3 have multiple gaming-centric features that game developers can hook into. These features include:

  • View Dock — a dual-screen accessory for gaming
  • Kunai Gamepad — a physical controller
  • Aura Lighting — RGB lighting on the back
  • Refresh Rate Control — to let the developer choose between running the game at 60/90/120fps
  • Performance Boost — to choose the device’s performance profile

The issue for game developers is that, previously, ASUS’s ROG Phone SDK was only available to game developers on a case-by-case basis. ASUS would reach out to game developers and share the SDKs with them so they could incorporate the features. With this partnership, all game developers using the Unity platform will have direct access to ROG Phone SDK, enabling them to fully take advantage of various gaming features and hardware accessories of the ROG ecosystem.

This partnership aims to enhance the world-beating ROG Phone mobile gaming ecosystem, by making it easier for game developers to incorporate ROG Phone’s uniquely powerful hardware capabilities into their games.

Bryan Chang, General Manager of the Phone Business Unit, ASUS

ASUS ROG is now a “Verified Solution Partner” of Unity Technologies, which means that ASUS is ensuring its new ROG Phone SDK is “optimized for the latest version of the Unity Editor.” The plugin will allow developers to support all five aforementioned ROG Phone features (TwinView SDK, Gamepad SDK, Aura Light SDK, Refresh Rate Control SDK, and Performance Boost SDK) as well as more SDKs that may be added in the future. There are currently over 200 Android games that support 120fps gameplay on the ROG Phone II, and today’s announcement with Unity will hopefully expand that list even further.

The ROG Phone SDK is available on the Unity Asset Store today and can be downloaded from the link given below.

Download ROG Phone SDK

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