ROLO is a Contacts Manager That Works Like a Personal CRM

ROLO is a Contacts Manager That Works Like a Personal CRM

As we integrate our smartphones into our daily lives more and more we begin to find different ways to make certain tasks more convenient. The traditional contacts application can be useful for a small note here or there but it isn’t as feature rich as some people would like it to be. Enter ROLO, a contact manager from XDA Member srinathrajaram, which works like personal CRM software (Customer Relationship Management). There’s both a free version as well as a paid version, but you’re able to use the meat of the application without having to pay for anything.

Free Features

  • Call, SMS and Contacts – You can view and use the app for calls, SMS and contacts.
  • EZ Menu – Slide out menu under every contact gives you access to Notes, Reminders and SMS
  • Consolidate Contacts – You can bring together contacts from Phone, Gmail, Twitter and FB
  • Automatic merge and Manual Merge – Automatic merge of contacts where possible. Awesome UI for merging contacts manually.
  • Reminders – Set Reminders for your contacts
  • Schedule SMS (unlimited) – You can type SMS and schedule for later. Useful for birthday wishes and reminders.
  • Roloscope – Floating bubble whenever you get a call. Get an instant history of all your notes, SMS and email with the caller.
  • Rologram – Free messages between Rolo users
  • EZ Add – Add missed call to contacts in just one tap
  • Share contacts – Share contacts in just three taps
  • Profile View – Profile View with complete history. Calls, SMS, notes, emails, reminders and social media updates
  • Backup – Automatic and continuous backup of contacts, notes and reminders
  • Connections – Connect with your contacts and get automatically updated when friends change their phone number

Premium Features

  • Scan Visiting Cards
  • Colorful Themes
  • Automatic and Continuous Backup of SMS and Call Logs (Unlimited)
  • Ad Free

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