Root Achieved for LG V10 on Verizon

Root Achieved for LG V10 on Verizon

If you purchase a phone from Verizon, you haven’t really purchased a phone from them, you just have permission to use the phone. Verizon’s locking practices are the worst when it comes to US carriers, frequently causing headaches to a lot of power users.

So when an Android enthusiast, specifically one who cares about root and custom ROMs and kernels, purchases a smartphone from Big Red, you know that he did it after a lot of thinking and weighing his decision. But every once in awhile, a miracle happens. For users of the LG V10 on Verizon, this miracle comes in the form of root, which has now been achieved on their device.


Brought to us by XDA Senior Member tungkick, this method employs flashing a modified .tot file via LG’s update tool. The exact methodology used by the developer is unknown at this stage, but that was to be expected since there was a bounty behind root for the device.

The procedure to follow is fairly straightforward. You would need all of the relevant files and the LG Drivers installed on your Windows computer. Then you have to run a few installer files on your computer, and copy the folder named “common” to LG’s Update Tools directory. Connect your phone and run the LGUP program, select the necessary options and run. Once the process completes, you will have root on your Verizon LG V10! This will also upgrade your system version to 11B, and will wipe your internal data unless you select the “Upgrade” option while flashing.

For files and detailed download instructions and help, please visit the forum thread. Please do be aware of the risks of installing random files from the internet. While several users have reported success on the forum thread (albeit with failure in sending and receiving text messages post root), we do advise personal discretion. As a personal advice, do back up whatever you can backup that is important to you.

If you have rooted your Verizon LG V10, let us know your experience in the comments below!

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