Updated – Rooted Sprint Build for All US Carrier Note7’s Now Available

Updated – Rooted Sprint Build for All US Carrier Note7’s Now Available

Final Update(?) – As expected the Sprint method has been confirmed to work on all US variants. However, it is very important to note that carrier specific features like VoLTE, WiFi Calling etc will not work at this time without some work arounds. This is especially true with the T-Mobile version since you will lose proper band 12 access. Rumors indicate that at least the T-Mobile variant has a Userdebug update floating around which would resolve some of those issues on T-Mobile, but it is still yet to be seen.

As always hit up the relevant links for your carrier for any changes like APN adjustments etc:

– Sprint Source – Original Thread

– Verizon Source

T-Mobile Source

AT&T Source

Update – It did not take long for it to expand to other variants.

The Verizon Note7 has also been rooted using the same below leaked build. There are some important differences so be sure to follow the instructions. You also will be dumping all Verizon features and essentially running a “Sprint” phone since they share the same basic hardware. If that could have issues with connectivity, applications, etc down the road is yet to be seen. If you are ready to jump in just go through the link and get started, be sure to thank your local XDA devs for never failing to surprise.


Original Article – Say it ain’t so, hardly a week after release the Samsung Galaxy Note7 has been rooted for Sprint users, in a manner of speaking.

Super Leaky Bros. and XDA Developer Freeza posted late yesterday that root was achieved. However, root is only available on a Userdebug build that was leaked and publically released yesterday afternoon. The upcoming build PH3 is an update to the currently shipping PGC build and carries the August security patch.

What is a Userdebug build? Freeza explains:

Well, it is a version in the Samsung testing phase, like engineering, except not as good, that allows the software team to test updates before presenting them to carriers. It includes many more binaries than the stock ROM for debugging purposes.

They also go on to explain you will not be able to use Android Pay, Samsung Pay, or update to any officially available software versions and your data will be wiped. Full Root and Xposed functionality is supported, however since the bootloader remains locked, it does not support TWRP. This comes with a side benefit, you will not trip Knox either.

Further, there is a lengthy process to getting this build on your phone which involves usage of ODIN, ADB and following a series of very specific instructions. As always, it is highly likely that you could wind up into a non-booting state if you fail to follow the instructions precisely so read through it a number of times prior to flashing.

This does not mean custom ROM’s are coming any time soon. The bootloader is still locked restricting modifications to the kernel and recovery. As long as those remain locked, we will only see modifications of this sorts of Userdebug builds that leak out. But if root is achieved through other methods, you know where you will hear about it first!

What about other carriers? Forum moderator bajasur states “I believe the equivalent Tmo files are out in the wild…”

So Sprint Note7 users will you be running these Userdebug builds for a taste of root? What about other carriers, is it worth it to flash and run one of these builds on your daily driver for root? Let us know in the comments!

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