Root Released For LG G4 Carrier Variants

Root Released For LG G4 Carrier Variants

Good news for carrier-based LG G4 owners!

After what may seem like months of waiting, some of the carrier variants of the LG G4 can be safely rooted by users. This root method comes through combined efforts of XDA Recognized Developer thecubed, XDA Recognized Developer and Recognized Contributor autoprime, XDA Member IllegalArgument and XDA Forum Moderator and Senior Recognized Developer jcase.

Back in June, we did feature that root was achieved for the carrier variants by the same set of developers involved. However, the root methods used were not deemed safe enough for usage for the general public, with high chances of bricking the device, and hence were not released. The developers did assure that they will work to figure out a safer and distributable working method.

This is exactly what they achieved, as you can now root your carrier based LG G4 with Low Effort Root tool. This method is currently working for the T-Mobile H811 10H version, the VZW VS986 11A version and the International H815 10c version of LG G4, with support for more variants coming soon. The method involves quite a few steps as well as downloading a ~1.5 GB file, so be sure to read and follow along the thread correctly and with patience. Wrong steps could lead to a bricked device, but as long as you follow the thread perfectly, you will have a rooted device.

This root will root any LG G4, provided we have a pre-rooted system image for it. This is akin to ‘flashing a rooted odin’ image on a Samsung phone, as we’re simply writing a system partition that contains Superuser.
No exploits here, no trickery, just a plain and simple flash and be on your merry way.

– XDA Recognized Developer thecubed

One thing to point here is that Official Bootloader Unlock is available for only International H815 variant. These carrier based variants did not have Official Bootloader Unlock, and are very unlikely to receive an official one in the future. Achieving root without much help from LG makes the method all the more commendable.

So if you have a Verizon or T-Mobile LG G4, try this out and let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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