Root & TWRP Available For Samsung Galaxy Note 5!

Root & TWRP Available For Samsung Galaxy Note 5!

Hopping on to the root bandwagon is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, courtesy of XDA Senior Member Manh_IT‘s Noble Kernel. Speaking about the kernel, it is significant here in the fact that it is the only way to get root on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The kernel is pre-rooted and also contains a fix for deep sleep issues. As a fair warning though, flashing the kernel will trip your KNOX counter and thus render your device unusable for upcoming security-reliant services like Samsung Pay. There is no known way at the moment to reset the counter,OEM_unlock
or not trip it while still obtaining root.

Flashing the kernel and getting root is a straightforward process.
First, make sure you have the correct drivers installed on your computer for the phone to be recognized. Next, make sure you have enabled OEM Unlock in the Developer Options through the settings menu on the phone. After that, flash the kernel’s tar file via Odin and reboot. Once you are booted, flash SuperSU via the attached zip (if you also flashed TWRP) or install it via the Play Store, and update the root binaries through the app if needed.



The developer mentions that this kernel works for all Note 5 models, except the AT&T and Verizon models. Models for which root has been verified include N920T/P/I/W8/C.


Root_N920T root_n920p

Also included by the developer is a working TWRP build as well. This TWRP build is to be flashed via Odin too, but is not required to be flashed in order to get root, as members in the thread point out.


So, if you have already got your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and wish to get some precious root, head on over to the thread and flash away!

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