Take Control of your Phone’s Rotation with “Rotation” Orientation Manager

Take Control of your Phone’s Rotation with “Rotation” Orientation Manager

Back in 2014, we highlighted a free application called Rotation from XDA Recognized Developer and Themer Pranav Pandey. (You likely already know of his work — he’s the person behind the port of the Pixel 2 Live Wallpapers application.) Rotation was designed to replace Android’s basic orientation feature and let you control how and when your screen rotates. Now, it has gotten a massive update.

Rotation has been completely re-designed with Google’s Material Design guidelines in mind, and built from the ground up to support Android Oreo. You’ll find APKs of the application that you can sideload on phone in the original XDA forums thread, or you can grab it directly from the Play Store.


Rotation Feature List

A complete orientation manager with all the supported modes.
System default modes
• Auto-Rotate On • Auto-Rotate Off
Modes to override system settings
• Forced Auto-Rotate • Forced Portrait • Forced Landscape
• Reverse Portrait • Reverse Landscape
• Sensor Portrait • Sensor Landscape • Forced Full Sensor
Lock Current – Lock current orientation

Conditions with different events and apps support.
• Call orientation • Lock orientation • Headset orientation
• Charging orientation • Dock orientation • App orientation
Events priority – Customisable events preference in case of two or more events occur simultaneously.

Rotate on demand
# Change the orientation of foreground app or events with ease from a fully customisable floating head (or notification or tile) available on the top of every task.

– Various settings to customise according to the need.
• Start on boot • Notification • Notification toggles
• Notification priority • Toast messages • Vibration and more.

Best ever theme engine with a color for every choice.
• All new dynamic theme engine with background aware fuctionality to avoid any visibility issue. More info here.

• Quick setup to configure major features from a single screen.
• Detailed help with easy to understand explanations.
Perform backup and restore operations to save and load the app settings.

– More features
Rotation extension to automate over 40 actions via Locale / Tasker plugin.
• Rotation shortcuts to quickly switch the orientation from the home screen.
• App shortcuts (Android 7.1.1+) to perform various service operations without opening the app.
• Notification tile (Android 7.1.1+) to perfrom service and on demand operations.
• Full customisable Service and Toggles widgets to perform various operations.
• Explore to find many more hidden gems of Rotation.

Features marked with # are paid and Rotation Key is required to use them.

Rotation | Orientation Manager
Rotation | Orientation Manager

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