Rumor: India, China, Russia among other markets to get HTC U11 with 6GB RAM & 128GB Storage

Rumor: India, China, Russia among other markets to get HTC U11 with 6GB RAM & 128GB Storage

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Last month, HTC officially announced the U11 — its new flagship smartphone with a squeezable frame. The Taiwanese company plans to release two variants of the device. According to famous HTC leaker and XDA Recognized Contributor LlabTooFeR, the premium model of the phone with 6GBs of RAM and 128GBs of internal storage will be released in a handful of markets. It’s not too surprising a move, as other OEMs have done similar by releasing two (or more) versions of the same device, but with slightly altered specifications, in different markets.

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The standard version of the HTC U11 latest the Snapdragon 835 SoC, 4 GBs of RAM and 64 GBs of storage. The more expensive variant of the device includes 6 GBs of RAM and 128 GBs of internal storage. The rest of the hardware specification remains the same. According to the rumor, the preliminary list of countries to receive the latter model are shown in the following tweet:

From the tweet, we can learn that mostly Asian countries will receive the 6GB RAM/128GB ROM variant of the device. These models will be shipped with a Dual SIM configuration. The leaker confirms that some Middle East countries will get this model as well, although he didn’t mention which.

We still don’t know if HTC plans to sell this variant of the phone in the United States. The standard model is up for pre-order for $649. The first units has begin shipping to customers within the United States starting this month.

Souce: @LlabTooFeR