Rumor Suggests Samsung is Integrating Bixby in the Galaxy S8’s Native Apps

Rumor Suggests Samsung is Integrating Bixby in the Galaxy S8’s Native Apps

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Back in October, Samsung announced they were acquiring Viv Labs and their entire AI platform. For those who are unaware, the founders of Viv Labs were the same group of people who worked on Siri (before Apple acquired them back in 2010). The big product from Viv Labs is an AI-powered voice assistant known as Viv. This voice assistant AI excels in natural language processing and is said to be more powerful than Siri is today.

It’s no surprise that Viv Labs was on Samsung’s radar, as we’ve been seeing a lot of companies wanting to get into this market. Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant has found success in the company’s Echo products, Google dove into the market with Google Home, and even Apple has started focusing on expanding the capabilities of Siri lately. Since the original announcement, it’s been rumored that Samsung will replace S Voice with this new tech from Viv Labs, and it will debut with the launch of the Galaxy S8.

It’s believed that Samsung will call their new personal assistant Bixby, thanks to a trademark that was filed in their home country of South Korea. As we’ve seen with the success of Amazon’s Alexa assistant, the more things it can do the better experience the user will have with the service. Google Home has been struggling in this area, but Google has launched Actions on Google that open up the platform to 3rd-party developers.

Yesterday, SamMobile’s sources have told them that Samsung is working hard to make sure most of their native applications will support this Bixby personal assistant feature. The article didn’t go into much detail about how powerful it will be, but uses the Gallery application as an example, saying we can ask Bixby to show us photos or videos that match a particular criteria. We’ll likely have to wait until Samsung’s official launch event before we learn more details about Bixby, though.

Source: SamMobile