Rumored Made by Google “Atlas” Chromebook gets shown off on video

Rumored Made by Google “Atlas” Chromebook gets shown off on video

Google’s commitment to its Chrome OS desktop operating system has been evident in the past, and with good reason, as Chrome OS serves its purpose as a nice, lightweight operating system. But while Chrome OS has been mostly a thing for cheaper, budget Chromebooks, Google has also tried to make higher-end Chromebooks, bringing bleeding-edge specs and hardware to the latest Google software. For the most part, this has worked: they’ve recently released the Pixelbook, in 2017, and the Pixel Slate, in 2018, both high-end devices (a laptop and a convertible tablet, respectively) that excel in certain departments but fall short in others.

These aren’t the only Chromebooks in Google’s mind, however: for close to a year now, we’ve been hearing about a Chrome OS-powered device codenamed “atlas.” Among some of the rumored specifications, we have an (overkill) 4K display, a Kaby Lake processor, and a Google Assistant button. We’ve previously covered it, and it seems to be good enough to be a worthy Pixelbook successor. Google’s latest Made by Google event came and went and we saw the announcement of the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL as well as the “nocturne” Chromebook—which turned out to be the Google Pixel Slate. We didn’t see anything about atlas, however. But it might become a reality this year after all.

A couple of videos unearthed by AboutChromebooks show off the “atlas” Chromebook in all its glory as it’s put through a series of display tests. Unfortunately, there’s not really a lot of takeaways here. The display (it’s not even clear whether it will be 4K after all or not) will feature rounded corners and there are speaker grills on the left and right of the keyboard, but that’s about it. There’s also a placeholder text that says “ProductName” right above the keyboard.

As of now, we don’t really know what Google plans to be doing with this. We might see this during their I/O 2019 conference. We might see this during their “Made by Google” event by the end of the year. Or this could’ve been shelved altogether. We won’t really know until an announcement is made.

Source: AboutChromebooks

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