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samsung s voice

Digital personal assistants still have a way to go before you can be in a romantic relationship with them, but we are getting closer to that reality every day. Samsung S Voice is the Google Now alternative that can be found on their Galaxy phones and tablets. I’m going to show you how to use S Voice to the best of its ability so you can squash that loneliness that dwells inside of us and drives people away.


Let’s begin by setting up S Voice. Go to the S Voice app and go through the voice training process. You’ll be able to pick a custom wake-up command that will activate S Voice.



These are a list of some basic commands you can give S Voice.

But these are only some of the things you two can talk about. You can also ask basic conversational questions like “What are you thinking about?” and “Are we friends?” to which she might respond “I am your best friend forever.” Pretty cool stuff and a great reason to stay in on a Friday night.

S Voice port

If you want to put S Voice on your device, check out this XDA thread that contains app ports from the Galaxy Note 5. In this thread you’ll be able to download an APK of S Voice and put it on a Galaxy phone. If you have an older Galaxy that doesn’t have the updated S Voice, this might work for you.

Link to XDA Thread


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