S6 and S6 Edge Allow You To Get Rid of Bloat

S6 and S6 Edge Allow You To Get Rid of Bloat

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Rejoice, power-users! Another nail in the coffin of the once-sluggish state of TouchWiz has been firmly hammered. We had reported back in January on how Samsung was planning to trim TouchWiz by cutting bloat among other optimizations. Samsung followed suite, and in the Mobile World Congress 2015 conference the Korean giant made a lot of promises regarding revamped performance in the S6 and the S6 Edge. When it comes to hardware, the device was clearly up to par, and the fears of sluggish software seem to have been diminished due to numerous hands-on displaying the prowess of the device.

But the core of today’s developments is the fact that, according to XDA Senior Member Jeshter2000, the new Galaxy S6 Edge (and deductively, the S6 as well) allows you to get rid of virtually all bloatware applications be it through disabling them like in previous iterations, or uninstalling them. This is a big deal, as the bloat-removal policy caused big strides in the South Korean smartphone market – Samsung’s own turf – where it was legally compulsory to allow the deletion of bloat apps in smartphones. While this was back in 2014 and the S5 and Note 4 in the rest of the world didn’t see the treatment, we now can rest easy knowing that our possible future Galaxies will be safe from filler bloat.

This comes as a big relief to many of us, given that while Samsung had drastically cut bloatware out, the present applications would be Microsoft ware that many casual users wouldn’t really need. Us enthusiasts who are used to Google Services also have little need for the Microsoft counter-parts. The deal between Samsung and Microsoft to help the latter expand their presence might not be so intrusive into our smartphone lives anymore, then.

But what is bound to interest most of you is the fact that, without bloatware, performance will see some extra gains. Previous devices were filled to the brim with bloatware, and while later iterations allowed you to disable plenty, quite a lot of it was still off-grounds for our little Application Manager. Bloat like Kids Mode (ugh) remains, for some reason, unremovable in later iterations of TouchWiz such as the Lollipop version of the Note 3.

See you in hell!

When it comes to performance, Samsung has picked up a lot of slack. We originally analyzed the Note 3’s Lollipop update at the beginning of last year to get a better grasp of the improvements done to their ROM. The performance bump is substantial and so is the one found in most of their Lollipop releases. While it is up for debate if most of it was Google’s ART or in-house coding, the notable gains made for some of the best Samsung experiences we’ve had. And now, with an upgraded processor that is substantially more efficient than the Snapdragon 810, as well as new memory solutions and other neat tricks, you can expect these devices to scream with speed. Hopefully the overheating comments surrounding testing of the S6 don’t hinder the experience too much. Other than that and the battery, this device looks better every day. Now we just need carriers to stay away.


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