Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases


If there was ever a phone you want to put a case on, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S6. It’s extremely slippery to hold and not just because of the material it’s made of. The phone regularly reaches 115 degrees in temperature, which causes your hand to sweat more like it did to mine. When I hold the phone I sweat even more than I did when I had my first kiss at age 47.

Let’s take a look at some of the best cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Best Rugged Case

Trident cases may not be as popular as Otterbox, but I can tell you from lots of first hand experience that Trident is the best when it comes to protective cases. They’re a much lower price than the competition and they come in many different designs and colors. Hopefully they’re be able to withstand the extreme temperatures that are put out by this phone.

The price of a Trident case will range from $14.95 – $39.95

Check out the different Trident cases available for the Galaxy S6

Trident Store


Best Stylish Case

Caseology has a great lineup of some really cool looking cases for the S6. Not only are they so stylish that they’re bound to get Bernadette to notice you, but they do offer quite a bit of protection as well! But if you’re as careful as me and my imaginary gf, protection is optional.

Right now the Caseology Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Are priced between $9.99 to $17.99.

Caseology Store


Best Battery Case

You’re probably heard of Mophie cases by now. They’re the highest rated battery cases on amazon. Of course, with all battery cases, you’re looking at spending a little bit more than you would for any other kind of case.

The Mophie case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is currently priced at $94.79 on Amazon.

Amazon Link



Best Flip Cover

Samsung offers a really cool flip cover called the S-View. This cover has a flap that folds over your screen, leaving a small window open. You’re phone will recognize when the cover is on and rearranges the screen layout, so you have access to your notifications and basic controls within the open window. Sorry, sicko, you can’t want your “special evening videos” through the cover.

Right now you can get the S-View for $49.99 from the Samsung store.

Samsung Store


Being one of the most popular Android phones, the Galaxy S series will always have a bunch of compatible cases available. If you don’t see anything you like here, there are plenty of more options to choose from, by searching online.