Samsung Galaxy S6 Fingerprint


Back in 1964 there was a King named Midas. He possessed a unique power that turned everything he touched… into gold. He was able to unlock all the riches of the world and eventually built an empire. Today we know that empire by the name of Rome. That’s right! They called his power “The Golden Touch”. 

Now you can unlock the gold Samsung Galaxy S6 with your own Golden Touch!

The previous version of Samsung’s fingerprint scanner, found in the Galaxy S5, didn’t really get the best reviews. They’ve redesigned it entirely in the Samsung Galaxy S6. It will serve the same functions like webpage sign-in, Samsung Pay, and screen lock. The screen lock is very fast to respond and unlock your phone.


To setup the the fingerprint scanner, tip toe over to Settings > Lock screen and security > Fingerprints > Add fingerprint

Your phone will walk you through the process of scanning your fingerprint and saving it for later.

Once you’ve got your fingerprint done, you will be escorted to the holding cell for 24 hours unless you can post bail… Wait no. You’ll be given the option to set your fingerprint as your lockscreen.


Name Your Fingerprint

With the option to have multiple fingerprints stored, you’ll want to name your saved fingerprint, so you know which is which.

You can use multiple fingers if you sometimes hold your phone differently or something. You can also use fingers from another human, if there’s someone who uses your phone often. Maybe it’s even a trust issue thing. Having a screen lock is pretty suspicious and you’re probably up to no good.

A funny thing: I was able to setup a fingerprint profile for the lower part of my thumb near the palm of my hand. After setting it up, it was difficult to use this to unlock my device. That being said, stick with your fingers or toes. They work the best.


Useful Uses To Use Your Fingerprint

Use your fingerprint to login to websites, unlock your screen or use Samsung Pay.

It really does make some security stuff work a lot smoother. In time many more applications will take advantage of fingerprint use. This is because Google is going to have native fingerprint support in Android 6.0, which will let developers create all kinds of great stuff.

Remember face lock? lol