Samsung Galaxy S6 Gesture Controls


It’s the gimmick to rule all gimmicks. These are the features design to be displayed during the sales pitch in the Verizon store. Trust me, you won’t use these features. 

Gesture control is the groundbreaking technology that Samsung built in to the Galaxy S3. There was some stuff in the S2, but not much. Many years later it still doesn’t seem to…work. Let’s go through the gesture controls that are included in the Galaxy S6 and talk about how they work. Who knows, you might like ’em.

Direct Call

This feature will allow you to bring the phone to your face and call whoever you’re in a texting convo with. Before, I would have to press the phone icon in the top right to make a call. Thank God I don’t have to do that anymore!

Does this feature work? eh…Most of the time. But you’re not going to use it. Pressing buttons is a for sure thing. It feels more natural.

This feature works with the proximity sensor on the front of the phone. It will detect once the phone is close to your face and activate the phone call.


Smart Alert

This feature is alright. When your phone gives you a notification, it understand that there no reason to blare chime sounds in your face when you’re already holding your phone.

Once you pickup your phone, your notifications will be set to vibrate. This makes more sense, because you’re already holding your phone, so you’re definitely going to feel it vibrate.

Alright this feature is decent.



This one lets you mute any incoming calls by placing your hand over the screen, or putting your phone face down.

Now even if this feature works, you’ll probably still find yourself making sure the volume is down by clicking your volume buttons.


Palm Swipe To Capture

Lol ummm no. I can sit there for 45 minutes swiping my hand around, looking like an idiot, as I do everything BUT take a screenshot.

There is no reason for this at all. Just press your home button and power button to take a screenshot. This gesture simply does not work.


Luckily you can simply disable these gesture features in your settings menu, so they’re not much of a problem. It might even save some battery life (which the S6 doesn’t have much of to being with) if you disable them. Definitely don’t let these gimmicks be a deciding factor when it comes to buying this phone. There are plenty of reason why someone might want to get a Galaxy S6 and this is not one of them.