Samsung Galaxy S6 Keyboard


If you’re not happy with the stock Samsung keyboard on the Galaxy S6, you’re not the only one! I noticed quite a few complaints in the Galaxy S6 XDA forums about the keyboard being laggy and inaccurate. 

When I was setting up the Galaxy S6, I immediately noticed that this keyboard was not going to work. One of the great things about Android is if you don’t like something about the phone, just change it! So that’s what I did.

You don’t need to be a science major (aka a nerdy loser) to figure this one out! You don’t need to know  b+A/-C or any of that trash. Excuse me, I’m not a figuring out gravity equations or something like that, BECAUSE I HAVE A LIFE! It’s called hanging out with friends and not being a loser! Go practice for your Spelling Bee or build a rocket or something. Guess what space dork, rockets don’t have keyboards! Didn’t think that one through, did ya?

I tried all the most popular keyboards with the S6. To test how good each keyboard was, I turned off auto-correct and typed the same sentence at my average typing speed. Here are the results.

Samsung Keyboard

The Samsung keyboard feels cramped and slow on this phone. While I only spelled one word wrong, the typing experience does not feel as fluid as it should.

This keyboard comes stock with any Samsung phone. It feature your standard qwerty layout. You’ve got a row of numbers sitting at the top of the keyboard, so you don’t have to toggle to access them. The talk-to-text icon is at the bottom left hand corner, along with the settings menu.

I should point out that it’s not terrible. If you’ve been a Samsung user for a long time, you might be ok with this keyboard. Most users coming from another brand probably wont like it.


Emoji Keyboard

While I misspelled a few words, the response of this keyboard was actually really good!

Emoji keyboard has a standard layout with large buttons. The contrast between the white letters and dark gray keys, makes it easy to see what you’re hitting, when typing fast.

Of course the selling point of this keyboard is that you have all kinds of themes to choose from. If you like customization, check this one out! It works pretty well on this phone.

Play store link


Swiftkey Keyboard

Swiftkey keyboard has always been a fantastic keyboard! While in portrait mode, I was struggling to hit the right keys, but landscape mode was smooth as butter.

This keyboard has a very similar look and feel to the stock Google keyboard that you’ll find on Nexus devices. You can press and hold the top row of keys to access your numbers. Similar to the Samsung keyboard, you can press and hold other keys to access your special characters. lol My dad always told me the I was a special character.

Play store link


Google Keyboard – WINNER!

Bingo! Seems the Google keyboard works the best. It’s much easier to type on and just works perfectly.

Google keyboard has a classic layout with large letters. You’ll find the numbers toggle in the bottom left corner, to access the numbers and special characters. In addition to this, you can also press and hold the top row of keys to access your numbers. The text-to-speech is in the top right corner, which I find to be a much better place for it.

I was able to send a long text message to my Dad telling him how sorry I am and to please text me back. I didn’t misspell a single word! He texted me back but he must have been using a different keyboard, because he kept misspelling “Stupid Duck”.

Play store link


So the Google keyboard seems to be the best for this device. That’s not just because I use Google keyboard on all of my Androids either. On my Xperia tablet, I use the stock Xperia keyboard. Different keyboards work better on different devices and sometimes with different fingers. My fingers are long and a greenish-gray color. They dislocate easily and kind of dangle there until you snap them back into place.