Popular Indian streaming service JioMusic renamed to JioSaavn, offers free 90-day Pro trial

Popular Indian streaming service JioMusic renamed to JioSaavn, offers free 90-day Pro trial

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Music streaming services are booming these days with more and more people becoming connected to the internet. The music industry blamed piracy on sinking profits when it was actually just people transitioning from a physical medium (CDs) to a digital world (MP3s and streaming). Saavn was founded back in 2006 as a completely different service (B2B), but a few years later they pivoted to become a music streaming service and grew to be valued at over $1 billion. It was in March of this year when Reliance Industries took a major stake in the company with an agreement made to combine Saavn with its own music service, JioMusic. After all these months the transformation has been made with the Saavn app in the iOS App Store being renamed to JioSaavn Music & Radio.

As of now, this transition has only been made for iOS, but it should eventually come to Android. Not only does Android have more than 80% market share in India, but it’s been known that developers can get their apps published in the Play Store a lot faster than the iOS App Store. However, this could be similar to other timed exclusives we see from Apple and Android users will just have to wait. For now, though, the Saavn Music & Radio application is still listed in the Play Store. I tried finding JioMusic but was unable to see any listing (it may be restricted via region).

Either way, Saavn being valued at $1 billion due to the investment from Reliance Industries shows you how popular the music streaming industry is these days. We recently reported on a strategic plan for Spotify to launch in India with an extended free trial. While Spotify is still working on building relationships with some of the biggest record labels in the country, their extended free trial idea is spot on as JioSaavn Music & Radio is currently offering a 90-day pro trial offer to iOS customers in the area. Look for the same deal when it comes to Android.

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