Sailfish X Rollout Begins and Sailfish X Shop Opens

Sailfish X Rollout Begins and Sailfish X Shop Opens

We covered the Sailfish X build instructions last month, released to let people try find and fix issues before the official release on October 11th. Now, Jolla have released the Sailfish X product page and the Jolla shop (which at the moment is dedicated to the selling of Sailfish X). If you have a Jolla Tablet voucher (100 are given out randomly to backers of the original Jolla tablet, as Jolla can’t afford to give back all refunds at once), you can purchase Sailfish X for your device now.

If you’ve forgotten, Sailfish X for the Sony Xperia X costs €49.90 (~$60) and is released only for EU countries and countries in the European Economic Area (EEA), so Norway and Switzerland. It’s an alternative operating system for the Sony Xperia X, based on a mixture of the Linux kernel, the Mer stack of middleware and a proprietary UI by Jolla. It can also run most Android applications. Whether it’s worth the cost is up to you, but the inability to run some Android applications may turn away some people, though the entire prospect behind the OS is the fact that it isn’t Android.

One of the biggest take-homes from the announcement has to be the Windows support for installation. Previously, installing Sailfish X on your Sony Xperia X required a Linux computer. Now you can use an application on Windows called Emma to install Sailfish to your device, which only requires Java! This is a great development, as asking users to also install Linux to install the OS is a tall ask when you’re also paying for the pleasure of doing so. If you’re interested in playing with your device some more, further than just Android, you can give it a go and even just follow the build instructions for free if you want!


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