SALT is a third-party alternative to LG UP

SALT is a third-party alternative to LG UP

LG may not be the most custom ROM-friendly device maker, but their products still attract a sizable development community on our forums. Flashing firmware onto LG devices isn’t as easy as just rebooting to the bootloader and using fastboot commands, because you’ll need to use a tool like LG UP. It’s the official software for flashing LG device firmware in KDZ, TOT, and BIN formats. A little over a year ago, XDA Recognized Developer steadfasterX released SALT—a third-party, open-source tool that acts as an alternative to the official software but also has a few extra features. Here is the full list of features:

  • Working completely without any LG DLL (no more issues with replacing LGUP_xxxx.dll anymore!)
  • Backup your device (predefined modes: full & basic and since v3.20 even a custom mode)
  • Extract KDZ files
  • Display your partitions (including what each partition is like bootloader etc!)
  • Open a shell on the device*
  • ERASE (DANGEROUS!) one or multiple partitions
  • Verify a taken backup (read all about this here)
  • Self-update

Although, currently flashing KDZ files is currently unsupported. You can check out the thread at the link below to download the software, and to leave feedback for the developer as the tool is refined. It works for GNU/Linux operating systems. If you’re on Windows, the developer recommends you use the tool in his FWUL GNU/Linux environment.

Download SALT for LG devices

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