SamFix is a simple tool to fix annoyances on Samsung Galaxy phones

SamFix is a simple tool to fix annoyances on Samsung Galaxy phones

Samsung Experience has long been known for its slow UI and annoyances. Over the past couple of years, Samsung has made the experience a lot better. With Samsung Experience 9.0, and the Samsung Experience 10.0 alpha, it has become almost perfect. There are still a lot of little annoyances in the software that could be fixed. SamFix is a tool that lets you fix some of those annoyances.

SamFix was created XDA member dharmapoudel to fix a few of the general problems with Samsung Experience. All it requires is the correct adb permissions or root access. For now, this app has four toggles. The developer said he will be adding more toggles and more features in the future, so keep an eye out for updates to this app.

The first one disables the max volume warning that is required by law in some places. This will require a reboot to fully apply but will be gone after the reboot. The next toggle disables the max brightness notification. Samsung adds a notification warning of the implications of maxing out the brightness on your phone. The toggle after that has the ability to change the animation scale. By default, opening the app will set your animation scale to 0.5x, which means all animations take half the time. By activating the toggle it will set it to the custom integer of 0.25x, which means it’s a quarter of the time it usually takes. Finally, the last toggle is grey scale. This is just a black and white mode for the phone.

All of these settings are nice to have in such a simple and easy app. Our very own Zachary Wander has an app called SystemUI Tuner which has a lot of similar features. For example, you can set your own custom animation scales or disable the max volume notification. This app also has a lot more features that are not available in SamFix.

You can try out both of these apps and see which one you will use. Samsung’s phones have always been known to have these little quirks and its good to see developers stepping up to help fix what Samsung leaves in.

Developer: Dharma Poudel
Price: Free

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