Sample Photos Show Off the Honor View20’s 48MP Camera

Sample Photos Show Off the Honor View20’s 48MP Camera

The Honor View20 is set to launch on 01/22/19 with a massive 48MP camera. There has been a lot of talk about this camera and the different technologies involved with it. The IMX 586 48MP camera featured in the phone will have a 0.8µm pixel size, 1/2 inch CMOS sensor, an F/1.8 aperture and is the world’s first 48MP+3D Camera. The number of megapixels in the Honor View20’s camera is even high than mainstream cameras like the Nikon D850 [45.4MP], Nikon D500 [20.9MP], and the Sony A7R II [42.3MP].

These sample photos from the Honor View20 show off the massive 48MP sensor. The camera can produce photos that are 8000×6000 pixels, storing an insane amount of detail. Try downloading one of these images and zooming in to get a better idea of the size of these pictures.


48MP Shots from the Honor View20

Shot with the 48MP Rear Camera on the Honor View20

These photos show off the advantage of having such a large image sensor. When you zoom in closely to different parts of these photos, you’ll notice just how much detail is stored in these shots. The detail is best with shots that are taken in bight daylight. You’ll be able to comfortably crop your photos without sacrificing too much image clarity. This means you wont have to use digital zoom as much, like you would with other smartphones.

Night Shots

We are also seeing some incredible night shots in some of the sample photos from the Honor View20. These photos were also taken at night, with the only lighting being that from street lights and buildings.

Shot with AIS Super Night Shot on the Honor View20

Geminid Meteor Shower

Honor took their new Honor View20 out to take some photos of the stars at night, while a meteor shower was taking place. To get these shots, they used the rear 48MP camera and set the ISO to 3200 with a 30 second exposure. These photos are some of the results from their photoshoot.

Geminid Meteor Shower shot on the 48MP Honor View20 Camera

We are looking forward to getting our hands on the Honor View20 to try out the 48MP camera in more situations. So far, what we are seeing from these sample photos is very promising. The ability to capture significantly more detail with the 48MP sensor is setting the bar high for smartphones in 2019.

Read more about the industry’s highest 48MP sensor in Sony’s press release.

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