Samsung unveils a 1000-inch MicroLED display with up to 16K resolution

Samsung unveils a 1000-inch MicroLED display with up to 16K resolution

Samsung on Monday announced a new model of The Wall, the company’s modular MicroLED display lineup. Samsung calls it “2021 The Wall,” and it measures in at over 1000-inch. Apart from the massive form factor, the 2021 model of The Wall boasts several notable upgrades over prior models, including a higher refresh rate, improved color accuracy and contrast, easier installation, and more.

To start, “2021 The Wall” offers (via The Verge) a 1000-inch MicroLED panel with an 8K resolution, a 120Hz screen refresh rate and 1600 nits peak brightness. The display can also be configured horizontally with double the resolution (16K). Samsung says each LED is now up to 40% smaller, increasing the color uniformity and contrast. Meanwhile, Ultra Chroma technology produces narrower wavelengths to “create RGB colors twice as pure and more accurate than conventional LEDs.”


There’s also a new Micro AI processor onboard, which claims to upscale the picture quality up to 8K in real-time by analyzing and optimizing every video frame using up to 16 neural network models.

Samsung 2021 The Wall display

Samsung says the 2021 model comes with new wireless docking connections and a bezel-less design, which results in easier installation. The display can be configured in various positions, including concave, convex, ceiling, hanging, inclined, and L-type.

The display also boasts Micro HDR and Micro Motion features to offer a consistent picture quality and a smooth viewing experience across different commercial environments. Moreover, four picture-by-picture screens allow businesses to display four different video feeds simultaneously at up to 4K resolution.

2021 The Wall is very clearly geared towards businesses and marketing use cases and is not meant for households. For households, Samsung already offers the 110-inch MicroLED TV, which launched in December last year. Samsung later added two more MicroLED TVs to the lineup with 76-inch and 99-inch models.

The new 2021 model of The Wall is available in select markets starting today, but there’s no word on its price.

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