Samsung may finally be planning to offer 45W fast charging on its phones (again)

Samsung may finally be planning to offer 45W fast charging on its phones (again)

One of the areas where Samsung has lagged behind other Android OEMs is fast charging. While OEMs like Xiaomi have already commercialized 120W fast charging, Samsung’s latest and greatest flagships can only manage 25W. However, there are rumors that this may finally change with the Galaxy S22 series. Now, a new report suggests the South Korean giant will also be refreshing its charger lineup.

According to WinFuture, Samsung is planning to bring two new fast chargers to the market. The first is the Samsung Power Adapter Trio (EP-T6530), while the second one is dubbed the Samsung 45W US Type-C Power Adapter (EP-T4510).


Samsung fast charger with three ports

The Power Adapter Trio has three ports, allowing users to charge three devices simultaneously. Out of three, two are USB Type C ports, while the third is a USB-A one. The first Type-C port offers 65W max power output, while the second and third ports top out at 25W and 15W, respectively.


We speculate that the 65W option is for Samsung’s Chromebooks and Windows laptops. This is because none of the Samsung phones on the market currently support more than 25W fast charging. Similarly, we haven’t found any evidence that the upcoming Galaxy S22 series will support 65W fast charging.

Samsung charger brick with a USB Type-C port

Speaking of the Power Adapter EP-T4510, it will offer up to 45W power and has a USB Type-C port. The 45W charger is likely for Samsung’s upcoming flagships and ties in with rumors of the Galaxy S22 Ultra supporting up to 45W fast charging. Note that Samsung has stopped bundling a charger with its flagships in most markets. So even if the new 45W charger is for the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung will most likely not offer it with the phones in the box. It will probably be a separate purchase.

While Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy Note 10+ actually supported 45W charging, Samsung regressed and lowered the charging speeds of subsequent models — the Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Note 20 series — which topped out at 25W.

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