Samsung: 60% of Recalled Note 7s Exchanged in U.S and South Korea, 90% of Users Choose new Note 7

Samsung: 60% of Recalled Note 7s Exchanged in U.S and South Korea, 90% of Users Choose new Note 7

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Samsung has been dealing with their Galaxy Note 7 replacement program for close to a month now. At first, things were slow to start as the company didn’t have new, safe units for customers to swap out. So those who participated in the replacement program early were forced to get a refund or switch to another Samsung phone like the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge. This actually caused a number of people to ignore the replacement program for the first couple of weeks.

A week ago, Samsung confirmed that 500,000 replacement units of the Galaxy Note 7 had arrived in the United States and other shipments were on the way to other countries around the world. Since replacement units have become available Samsung says 90% of those who have returned their Galaxy Note 7 have opted to get one of these newer units. Samsung says they are humbled by the loyalty their customers have with the product and with the company.

They have also announced that more than 60% of defective Galaxy Note 7 units have been replaced in both the United States as well as South Korea. The company also notes that over 80% of their Galaxy Note 7 customers in Singapore have participated in the exchange program. Samsung does note that “there have been only a small number of reported incidents,” even though it has likely been higher than expected.

Samsung doesn’t want to see anyone else get hurt from their products and they need to do a lot of work to repair the reputation they and the Galaxy Note 7 has received lately. Although sadly, these issues might continue to surface as we’ve seen replaced Galaxy Note 7 devices continue to have issues with the battery and one reportedly caught on fire in China just this week. Samsung hasn’t released an official statement regarding these new units having issues, but we expect the company to confirm or deny the reported cases in the near future.

Source: Samsung Newsroom