Samsung and Huawei agree to settle dispute over smartphone patents

Samsung and Huawei agree to settle dispute over smartphone patents

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Patent laws are incredibly complex and can vary from country to country. Both Samsung and Huawei are two massive companies that have been familiar with this stuff for decades. Samsung has had its share of patent lawsuits against other tech giants such as Apple, but Samsung has also been hit with a couple of suits from Huawei as well. After years of battling against each other in court, both Samsung and Huawei have agreed to settle their disputes going forward.

Samsung and Huawei have been involved in patent lawsuits for three years now and it will finally come to an end. Back in 2016, Huawei sued the South Korean conglomerate over the use of unlicensed 4G technology. A Chinese court sided with Huawei in this case but they punched back and launched two countersuits against Huawei. Now, both of these companies could have continued fighting in courtrooms but they have decided to settle their issues and walk their separate ways.

As of right now, the terms of the agreement have yet to be made public, but it’s speculated that Huawei and Samsung have agreed to a cross-licensing patent deal. This would let Samsung use technology that Huawei has patent ownership over and it would let Huawei do the same for Samsung’s patents. It’s also unclear why it took them this long to come to such an agreement. Some believe it’s because there has been a slump in smartphone sales as of late and each of these companies would rather invest their resources into increasing sales than attacking each other in court.

We will have to wait and see what the two end up announcing. If such a cross-licensing patent deal has been made then both will likely end up releasing press release statements as we’ve seen other companies do this in the past.

Source: Asian Review