Samsung announces business editions of its Galaxy Book Pro laptops

Samsung announces business editions of its Galaxy Book Pro laptops

Samsung today is announcing business editions of its Galaxy Book and Galaxy Book Pro laptops. Just as with Microsoft’s Surface for Business program, these new laptops are just like the ones consumers can buy, except they come with Windows 10 Pro or Windows 11 Pro. Naturally, that means you get better security, manageability, and more.

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is the company’s flagship Windows laptop right now, packing Intel’s 11th-generation processors and being Intel Evo certified. That’s not the headline for these devices though. In fact, there are two key features.


One is that it weighs under two points, and it’s what Samsung called “smartphone-thin”, which in the case of the 13.3-inch Galaxy Book Pro is 11.2mm. The 15-inch model is a little bit thicker and heavier, but it’s still among the thinnest and lightest on the market.

The other key feature that makes the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro for business stand out is that it has a Super AMOLED display. Both the 13.3- and 15.6-inch models are FHD with a 16:9 aspect ratio, so with the lower resolution, you should actually get better battery life than you would with a competitor’s UHD laptop.

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“Businesses of all sizes have to be incredibly adaptable in today’s fast-changing economy, and they need technology that helps them reclaim their productivity,” said Hamshy Raveendran, Head of Mobile B2B Product and Go-to-Market, Samsung Electronics America. “In developing the Galaxy Book lineup, we took a fresh look at what businesses really need from a PC. Drawing on our innovation in the mobile space, we wanted to create a new notebook PC that would boost productivity, make collaboration easier, and be ready to go wherever work takes you. The Galaxy Book Pro for business is designed to do all that, with an ultra-light design, powerful multitasking capabilities, and seamless connection to the entire Galaxy ecosystem.”

As far as pricing goes, there are some different configurations here. For the base model of the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 13 for business, it’s $100 more than the consumer model, which is pretty standard. The base 15-inch model is actually $100 less, because the business model starts with a Core i5 and 8GB RAM, while the consumer model only comes with a Core i7 and 16GB RAM. In fact, weirdly, the business model of the 15-inch variant only comes in Core i5 / 8GB / 512GB and Core i7 / 16GB / 256GB combinations.

You can order them now from the link below, or you can learn more at Samsung’s business website. Interestingly, the website doesn’t have a spot on it for Windows laptops just yet. You can find categories for phones, TVs, tablets, wearables, monitors, interactive displays, rugged devices, SSDs, and even Chromebooks. It would seem that today’s announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro for business its the firm’s entry into the commercial Windows laptop space.

    The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is ultra thin and light, has a Super AMOLED display, and is now made for business.

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