Treat yourself to some slick new TWS from Samsung, Jabra and Apple with these Prime Day deals

Treat yourself to some slick new TWS from Samsung, Jabra and Apple with these Prime Day deals

TWS are all the rage these days. While the industry does feel the loss of the 3.5mm headphone jack, the increased adoption of TWS has spurred manufacturers to innovate and release great TWS options. For most users, a Bluetooth TWS earbud will offer great convenience. And now thanks to Prime Day 2021, we have some great deals across leading TWS options from Samsung, Jabra, and Apple.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ for $85

The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ are my favorite pair of earphones, and I have been using them every day ever since my review. While they do not have Active Noise Cancellation, they perform excellently across all fronts, enough for me to use as my daily driver. The microphone and battery performance on these earbuds is also great, which means I can breeze through my calls and video calls without breaking a sweat. The Galaxy Buds+ were originally being sold for $149, but you can now get them for $85, which is a sweet deal in my opinion for what these earbuds do.

    The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ do not have Active Noise Cancellation, but they are an otherwise excellent pair of TWS earbuds which are made even sweeter with these discounts.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live for $110

If Active Noise Cancellation is a high priority for you, you may be interested in the Galaxy Buds Live. In my review, I noted that the Active Noise Cancellation feature does work, but because of the shape of the earbuds, there is no active seal, so the net cancellation effect is fairly muted. There’s a bit of a hit and miss with the shape, but for me, I found them to be a snug fit and they stayed in fairly well. The sound quality is great too. If you want something newer than the Galaxy Buds+, the Galaxy Buds Live is a decent option, especially considering the fact that they originally went on sale for $170 but can now be bought for $110.

    The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live have Active Noise Cancellation and a unique shape. This makes them the talk of the town, and you can expect great sound and great battery life too.

Apple AirPods Pro for $190

The Apple AirPods Pro is the benchmark TWS, simply because of their compatibility with iPhones and Apple’s marketing push behind them. They feature as the best TWS option for Apple users, and they are generally regarded to be pretty good too, albeit with the classic Apple price tag. If you liked them before but the price tag scared you away, here’s a second chance as the earbuds are now available for $190 as opposed to the usual $230 price tag. You can also pick up a case for the AirPods Pro case (yes, a case case) to make your TWS stand out from the crowd.

    The Apple AirPods Pro are the recommended TWS solution for Apple users, featuring great ANC, sound and voice performance.

Jabra Elite 85t for $170

If you want something that is more functional than branding and name, look no further than the Jabra Elite 85t. These TWS earbuds feature great ANC, decent mic performance, and great battery life. The shape and fit of these earbuds is also pretty good, making them a very good option for those looking earbuds that don’t slide out at a simple nod of the head. The Jabra Elite 85t has a listed price of $230, but can be usually had for $180, and for $170 during Prime Day 2021.

    The Jabra Elite 85T are a great option if you want to look past the Samsungs and the Apples. These are highly functional pair of earbuds, with features such as ANC, great battery life, and decent mic performance.

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