Samsung Boost wants to give you free access to several paid services on your Galaxy S21

Samsung Boost wants to give you free access to several paid services on your Galaxy S21

Free trials for paid subscription services are useful to try out the experience for a limited amount of time, then deciding whether you actually want to commit to paying for it or not if you want to keep using it. The price for these subscription services can, however, quickly add up if you’re using many of them. YouTube Premium, for one, costs $11.99 per month, and several services, whether it’s video, music, or others, cost a similar amount or even more. If you have a Galaxy S21, however, Samsung wants to give users free access to a lot of paid subscription services so you can try them all out for a few months. Enter Samsung Boost.


Samsung Boost pretty much tries to bring users “increased value” by giving users free, temporary access to a lot of paid subscription services including music, video, and even services like Google Play Pass. Samsung says that the added value this brings rounds up to over £250 (~$354) if a user claims all of the offers it brings, and they invite users to claim any, or all, of the benefits that are available with Samsung Boost.

Samsung Boost will give users access to the following services:

  • 2 months of Adobe Spark Post
  • 2 months of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  • 3 months of Antstream Arcade
  • 6 months of Calm Premium
  • 4 months of Deezer HiFi
  • 3 months of Fiit (unlimited access)
  • 3 months of Google Play Pass
  • 600 Google Play Points and Gold level
  • 3 months of Readly
  • 4 months of YouTube Premium

This is now available on devices from Samsung’s Galaxy S21 lineup, and they also said that they are planning on rolling it out to their future flagship smartphones as well. If you were curious about trying out any of these services, now is your time! This is only currently available for users in the United Kingdom and Ireland, but we might see it roll out to more markets soon.

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