Samsung Display is working on a brighter OLED panel for iPads

Samsung Display is working on a brighter OLED panel for iPads

Many people perceive Samsung and Apple as two hateful enemies. In some ways, that’s true — as the two corporations have been rivaling each other for years. However, behind the scenes, the two tech giants sign mutually-beneficial deals that sustain both of their businesses. For example, Apple’s biggest OLED screen supplier is, in fact, Samsung. The latter company is now working on developing OLED panels with a two-stack tandem structure. The OLED panel would have two emission layers, which would double its brightness and increase its lifespan by four folds. By bringing these screen improvements to the table, Samsung Display hopes to win orders from Apple for future iPads.


The Elec states that these OLED panels will be aimed at tablets, notebooks, and automotive applications. With Apple rumored to launch OLED iPads in 2024, Samsung aims to be a supplier for their displays. The company has titled the new material set T series — with the T standing for tandem. The South Korean company could release T1 for commercial use as soon as 2023. It could then release T2 in 2024, after collecting user feedback.

All OLED iPhones to date use displays with single-stack structures. However, Apple has expressed that it prefers to use screens with a two-stack structure on future iMacs and MacBooks — as people tend to use these products for a longer period of time, when compared to smartphones. Considering two-stack OLED displays last 4x longer than single-stacked ones, it makes sense to use them for long-term products.

While the T2 panels are expected to ship to Apple, Samsung could potentially develop the T3 around 2024, too. The South Korean giant will likely supply its parents company — Samsung Electronics — before it starts selling units to the Cupertino giant. That’s to be the first company to utilize this technology, in addition to verifying its productivity.

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Source: The Elec

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