[Update: Available now] Samsung announces LTE model of the Chromebook Plus V2

[Update: Available now] Samsung announces LTE model of the Chromebook Plus V2

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Update 11/2: The Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 with LTE is now available from Best Buy, Verizon, and Samsung’s website.

As we’ve seen with a number of companies, a great way to get your product in front of millions of people is by introducing it at a very low price. OnePlus did it with the OnePlus One which started out with a price of $300 and has slowly increased every year. Chromebooks started down a similar path with ultra-affordable laptops using Chrome OS as its base but now we’re starting to see some that are costing more than $1,000 thanks to an increase in hardware, design, and build materials. The Chromebook Plus V2 didn’t quite hit that $1,000 mark but it was introduced at $500 and now the company has announced they will be selling an LTE version of the device.

This move so late in the game is rather strange. We see companies releasing laptops and tablets with both WiFi and LTE variants all the time but usually released at the same time. Samsung first introduced the Chromebook Plus V2 back in June of this year and it has garnered quite the following of fans due to its design, durability, stylus, and hardware. The original device was not LTE capable and only had a WiFi module inside for connectivity.

However, later that month we discovered (through a commit) that Samsung was working on adding an LTE modem to the Chromebook Plus V2. The commit even told us that this version of the Chromebook would need new USB2 port strength testing before it could be approved as an official product. Due to this uncertainty, this may have not even resulted in an actual product being released to the market. Although, it did show they had the intention of releasing a new version of the device that could connect to the internet via LTE.

Samsung has now begun sending out a press release for this LTE variant of the Chromebook Plus V2 and hardware enthusiasts should know that all of the specs are the same. This means the new device still has the same 12.2-inch 1080p display, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and the Intel Celeron 3965Y chipset. However, due to the addition of that LTE modem, you can expect to pay an additional $100 which brings the total of the LTE Chromebook Plus V2 up to $600. The company is currently expecting to release the device on November 2nd.

Source: Samsung Via: Android Police