Samsung Cloud drops free storage from 15GB to 5GB as Google Drive grandfathers some users’ 20GB plans

Samsung Cloud drops free storage from 15GB to 5GB as Google Drive grandfathers some users’ 20GB plans

There is a lot of different cloud services out there, but we can all agree that Google Drive is one of the most popular. Google Drive storage is pretty much the core of your Google account, as nearly everything revolves around it: your saved emails, your Google Photos files, your device backups, and pretty much everything. There are also alternatives such as Samsung Cloud, which is a service included with Samsung phones. While they’re similar feature-wise, they’re completely different service, but one thing they do have in common is storage capacity: both Samsung Cloud and Google Drive offer at least 15GB of storage for saving files and pretty much everything.


At least until now, though. Starting in June, the Samsung Cloud free storage quota will be greatly reduced: you’ll get 5 GB instead of 15 GB. Luckily, though, this applies to new Samsung Cloud users who sign up from June 1st onwards. Users who’ve signed up before May 31st will not see their current storage quota affected.

On the opposite end, Google Drive seems to be upgrading some users’ storage plans. Some users on Reddit have reported being grandfathered to a 20 GB tier with no additional cost, up from the current 15 GB plan being offered to free users. We don’t know if Google is planning to make 20 GB the standard option for everyone, though, but it’s still not a lot: it allows for backups and basic file storage, and not much else. Still, as it stands right now, these Google Drive users will now have 4x as much free storage compared to new Samsung Cloud users.

I’m personally more of a Google Drive guy since I don’t have Samsung Cloud, so I’m glad to see Google offering more storage. Which service do you use for cloud storage?

Google Drive
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Source: SamMobile / Source: Reddit

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