Samsung Confirms a Galaxy Note 8 for Release in 2017

Samsung Confirms a Galaxy Note 8 for Release in 2017

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note brand took a devastating blow this year with the recall and eventually being discontinued entirely due to some battery issues. This has sparked a new trend in the Android community, and with news publications in general, where each and every Samsung phone that catches fire seemingly needs to be reported on.

Don’t get me wrong, the Galaxy Note 7 issue was huge and it deserved the attention it received. But the batteries we use in our phones are not 100% safe and these defective units do pop up from time to time.

With Samsung being highlighted in headline after headline about smartphone fires, many started to speculate about what the company was going to do with the Galaxy Note brand in general. This even started some rumors that Samsung would release a variant of the Galaxy S8 that was bigger and included an S Pen so they could retain some of their Galaxy Note fans without having to use the brand name. This speculation was stretched even further with some people thinking Samsung would ditch the Galaxy Note brand entirely.

The loss of revenue from the Galaxy Note 7 debacle didn’t seem to hurt Samsung’s overall profits during the fourth quarter of last year. Granted, a lot of this profit is from their component, display and appliance divisions, but they still managed to bring in over $7 billion in pure profit for the quarter. CNET was able to sit down with Samsung’s mobile chief, D.J. Koh recently, and they talked about how the battery issue would impact the Galaxy Note series as a whole.

Mr. Koh isn’t scared and feels they can win back the trust of their customers by creating a “better, safer and very innovative Note 8.” He feels the fans of the Galaxy Note series are very dedicated and that it will be too difficult to simply walk away from that segment of the market. This makes a lot of sense too considering there aren’t many OEMs who currently offer a premium smartphone experience that includes a stylus.

Source: CNET