Samsung is working on their own custom GPU for low-end devices

Samsung is working on their own custom GPU for low-end devices

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Samsung has been taking matters into its own hands for a while now when it comes to their mobile market. The Exynos line of processors is an example of that, and Samsung only uses Qualcomm in the US because of CDMA patents. While Exynos processors are designed by Samsung themselves, they still use Mali GPUs as part of their System-on-Chip. Mali is designed and sold by ARM. Samsung is looking to change that, and according to a report from WinFuture, the company may soon bring their own in-house GPU designs to lower end devices.

These GPUs are described as “flagship,” which implies that the South Korean giant wants to bring flagship level graphics processing performance to lower-end devices. The company isn’t hiding it either, as they posted the job listing on LinkedIn. The company aims to be the sole designer of these GPUs, meaning they would own the architecture, design, and instruction sets. Samsung could even take full control over the production of these chips, meaning that every aspect of them would be in-house.

The company also aims to produce these GPUs for more advanced purposes in the future. The aim is that these GPUs will eventually be used to power autonomous cars, while also providing a distinct advantage for machine learning and deep learning algorithms. They’re one of the first phone manufacturers to design their own graphics processing units. Even Huawei still uses the Mali design specifications outlined by ARM. What’s interesting is that Samsung only intends to produce these GPUs for low-end devices, and it may possibly be a cost-cutting measure so that they can offer their budget devices at an even lower price. It’ll be hard to compete with the market, especially with the first generation they release. If anybody can pull off a new mobile phone GPU design it will be Samsung.

Source: WinFuture (in German)