Samsung DeX may support wireless connections in the future

Samsung DeX may support wireless connections in the future

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Samsung DeX is the company’s platform for transforming mobile devices into a desktop-like interface. It was originally kicked off in 2017 with the Samsung DeX Pad and DeX Station, which are expensive accessories that connect your phone to a larger display. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, they removed the requirement to use the docking pad. All you need is an HDMI adapter. In the future, you may not even need that.

A simple cable is better than a dock, but wireless would be even more ideal. A member in the Samsung forums asked about this very thing. Surprisingly, they received an answer from Samsung developers. Apparently, Samsung is already working on wireless DeX connections. However, there is not a timeline for this feature, so it could be quite a while before we see it. It’s also possible that Samsung will launch it with the Samsung Galaxy S10.

There have been many attempts by phone makers and app developers to make a mobile UI work on the big screen. The advantage of a wired connection is low latency since it doesn’t require Bluetooth or WiFi. However, a wireless connection is easy and doesn’t require much else. It’s unclear how popular Samsung DeX even is, but there must be a decent user base if Samsung is already working on this feature.

Samsung has always had a focus on business and productivity with devices like the Note and Galaxy tablets. Despite making their own laptops and Chromebooks, Samsung wants to provide a solution for those who want to get work done on one device. DeX allows people to do more with their phone and a wireless feature will make that even easier.

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