Samsung is discontinuing Bixby Vision’s augmented reality features

Samsung is discontinuing Bixby Vision’s augmented reality features

Samsung’s virtual assistant Bixby offers a Google Lens-like feature called Bixby Vision. The feature allows users to translate words, look for products online, identify landmarks, and much more. Bixby Vision also includes a dedicated AR Zone which offers a couple of interesting features, like the ability to create AR emoji and AR stickers, check out home decor in real-time, apply makeup, measure objects, and more. However, according to a recent Android Police report, these AR-powered features may not be around for much longer.

Bixby Vision AR Zone notice Samsung

Samsung is reportedly pushing a notice to users trying to access Bixby Vision through the stock camera app, which states that the company is dropping support for the AR features by the end of this month. As you can see in the attached screenshot, the notice states:


“Thank you for using Bixby Vision. The AR features (Places, Makeup, Home Decor, Styling) on Bixby Vision will no longer be supported starting from the end of October. The AR features that have been supported by each country may be different. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Thank you again for using Bixby Vision. We appreciate your continued interest and support.”

As of now, it isn’t clear if Samsung plans to remove all of the features available in the AR Zone or if some of the more useful ones, like Quick Measure, are going to stick around.

Samsung only mentions four of the nine features currently available on my device, including Places, Makeup, Home Decor, and Styling. So there might still be hope for some of the remaining features. It’s also worth mentioning that Samsung is only dropping support for Bixby Vision’s AR features, and this move shouldn’t have any effect on the other features offered by the service, like the recently added Quick Reader, Scene Describer, and Color Detector accessibility features.

Via: Android Police

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