Samsung Display shows off its vision for the future of foldables and displays

Samsung Display shows off its vision for the future of foldables and displays

Samsung is participating in Display Week 2021 exhibition this week through its Samsung Display subsidiary. This event showcases all the latest display tech that we can see in our future devices. The event is underway, and as expected, Samsung is showing off a few key technologies and how they would fit in our future lives.

The above video showcases how key foldable, rollable and other innovative display technologies will become a part of our lives in the future.


Samsung Display S-Foldable sitting on a table

The S-Foldable is a new type of OLED panel that can fold in multiple ways.

Samsung Display S-Foldable folding in three parts

Samsung Display claims that users will be able to fold the 7.2-inch panel twice, both inwards and outwards. A device featuring such a panel will include two bi-fold hinges, allowing users to fold it inwards and outwards.


Samsung Display S-Foldable opened flat

If and when this product makes it to the mass market, it should be a nice change of pace from the other top Foldable smartphones.

17-inch Foldable Laptop

Samsung Display 17-inch foldable laptop held out in hand

The 17-inch Foldable Laptop takes the foldable concept and applies it to laptops. Essentially, Samsung Display envisages that the laptop will just be the OLED display and all components would rest within that body. Further, the device will be able to fold in half across the middle, achieving a footprint smaller than a 13″ Dell XPS 13 2in1 (Samsung does not mention the device name in their video, but it’s for us to recognize that laptop as we use it too).

Portable Display

Samsung Display Portable Display

The Portable Display product showcase essentially presents you with a thin display device that can be used to extend and augment existing smart devices. It’s not immediately clear how the device differentiates itself from a conventional tablet, including Samsung’s own Galaxy Tab S series. Price could be a possible differentiator, and we’ll know more about this if and when the product comes to market.

Slidable OLED Display

Samsung Display Slideable OLED Display

The Slidable OLED Display concept appears to be based on the same format as the OPPO X 2021, in that a smartphone with a conventional glass slab form factor footprint expands on one end to display more information.

Under Panel Camera

Samsung first showcased its Under Panel Camera technology early this year, when it shared a preview video of a laptop called Samsung Blade Bezel, featuring the under-display camera solution. We see a similar implementation in this video showcase as well.

Samsung Display Under Panel Camera Laptop being used for video conferencing

What are your thoughts on Samsung Display’s showcase of display innovations? Which of these product would you like to own? Let us know in the comments below!

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