Samsung now sells Earth Day-themed biodegradable Galaxy S21 cases and Watch 4 bands

Samsung now sells Earth Day-themed biodegradable Galaxy S21 cases and Watch 4 bands

Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 each year, intended to rally support for protection of Earth’s environment. Samsung decided to mark the event this year with a new lineup of (supposedly) eco-friendly phone cases and watch bands, in partnership with designer Sean Wotherspoon.

Samsung has released three cases for the Galaxy S21 (‘Orchid, ‘Dawn’, and ‘Rain’) and three matching watchbands for the Galaxy Watch 4 series, as well as a few Earth-themed watchfaces. The new products and faces were created in partnership with designer Sean Wotherspoon, who is best known for designing sneakers with a focus on recycled content and Earth themes.


Samsung says the cases, which are not available for the latest Galaxy S22 series, are made of “100% recycled TPU materials” and are supposedly biodegradable — meaning they can be absorbed by microorganisms after being thrown away. The watch bands are constructed with an “eco-conscious TPU material that is non-toxic,” which Samsung can be recycled. All the designs are a solid color with a pattern of logos based on protecting the environment and world peace, which are primary themes of Earth Day.

Galaxy Watch 4 watch faces

However, not only are the phone cases not available for the latest Galaxy S22 series, they’re only an option for the regular Galaxy S21. If you have an S21 Plus or S21 Ultra, or any other Samsung phone, you’ll have to make do with other cases. Most recent smartphone cases from Moment are also constructed with biodegradable materials, which are available for iPhones, some Galaxy phones, and Google Pixel devices.

The cases and watch bands are now available from Samsung’s online store. The cases are priced at $49.99, and the Galaxy Watch 4 bands are also $49.99. The ends of the bands are specially fitted for the Watch 4’s lugs, just like Samsung’s official bands, which means it won’t fit other smartwatches (even if they use the same 20mm band width). Samsung says the cases and bands are “limited edition designs won’t be around forever.”

    This biodegradable case is available in three styles, but it only fits the regular Galaxy S21.
    This watch strap is available in three colors, and fits all models of the Galaxy Watch 4.

Source: Samsung Newsroom

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