Samsung smart TVs now have eco-friendly remotes and not eco-friendly NFTs

Samsung smart TVs now have eco-friendly remotes and not eco-friendly NFTs

This week is CES 2022, and even though most companies will start their product announcements tomorrow, Samsung apparently can’t wait that long. Samsung is revealing a bunch of new accessories and software features for its smart TVs, including at least one that we’re not too thrilled about.

First up is the New Eco Remote, which Samsung hopes will have the lowest environmental impact possible for a TV remote. It supposedly uses a recycled material design (Samsung does not say how much of it is from recycled materials), and power is supplied through a solar panel and RF harvesting, so you shouldn’t need batteries. It will be available in black or white, but it’s not clear if they will be included with any Samsung TVs, or if they will be a separate purchase.


Samsung 2022 Eco Remote

Samsung also announced new features coming to its smart TVs. The home screen is being rearranged with three main sections: Media Screen, Gaming Hub, and Ambient Mode. Media Screen gives you quick access to movies and shows from any content provider, as well as content recommendations. Gaming Hub will display console and streaming games in one centralized location, and Ambient Mode is more or less identical to the current Ambient Mode. Some of Samsung’s 2022 TVs will support 144Hz 4K to complement the new Gaming Hub.

Samsung also has a new ‘NFT Aggregation Platform’ for its TVs, which is apparently “the world’s first TV screen-based NFT explorer and marketplace aggregator, a groundbreaking platform that lets you browse, purchase, and display your favorite art all in one place.”

Screenshot of Samsung's 'NFT Aggregation Platform'

I shouldn’t have to point out how absurd it is for a company to announce an eco-friendly remote at the same time as promoting a technology that is contributing to climate change, but apparently, the irony has been lost. It seems the circus is back in town because Samsung is acting like a clown.

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