Samsung mulls killing the Galaxy J line, strengthening the Galaxy A line, a new M line

Samsung mulls killing the Galaxy J line, strengthening the Galaxy A line, a new M line

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Samsung currently sells smartphones in well over 100 countries and they have multiple series of smartphones that they use to target things like certain carriers, price points, design styles, and even individual countries altogether. The Galaxy moniker has remained a constant throughout these devices, but they currently have the Galaxy J series, the A series, the Core series, the Grand series, and many more. Naturally, we hear more about the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series of devices the most as they are the company’s high-end smartphones but a new report says the company is thinking about reorganizing some of its other lineups that they currently sell around the world.

There are definitely some advantages to having a large number of different smartphone lineups to sell when you have a presence in so many different markets. However, a new report from etnews cites industry sources who say the company is about to go through a reorganization period where some models get the ax while others are going to be strengthened. For instance, the report quotes “a multi-industry official” who says Samsung is going to be eliminating the Galaxy J brand as of November 17th.

Instead of getting rid of the Galaxy J series altogether though, the official says the goal here is to actually integrate the Galaxy J series into the company’s current Galaxy A series. This is rather interesting as these two had different target customers. The J series had lower performance, and in turn, means that it cost less than devices in the A series. So it’s possible that we may end up seeing multiple variants of upcoming Galaxy A devices similar to how Xiaomi handles the Redmi series (since the Xiaomi Redmi 5, the A variant of the device has been the lower end version of the regular and Pro/Plus versions).

Combining the Galaxy J and Galaxy A devices doesn’t seem to be the only thing Samsung is currently planning either. Samsung has been using the Galaxy ON series as a brand which was mainly sold to India and China, but it looks as if the company will be replacing it this year with a new M series. We have seen Samsung sell devices using the M moniker in the past. In 2011 they sold devices called the Samsung Wave M and M Pro and then in 2012 they had a smartphone on the market called the Galaxy M Style. Back then we were told the M stood for Magical but the new M series seems is said to be a low-end smartphone series that hopes to compete with the very affordable Chinese smartphones.

Source: etnews