Samsung Flow ported for non-Samsung devices, though not everything works

Samsung Flow ported for non-Samsung devices, though not everything works

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Samsung and Microsoft have had a pretty close relationship for the past couple of years. You’d notice that all of the Samsung Galaxy phones come with built-in Microsoft applications, like Word, Excell, OneDrive, and more. The partnership also extends to the exclusive application support. Samsung released Flow back in June 2016. The application lets you unlock Windows 10 devices via fingerprint, sync notifications from your PC, and more. As you may have guessed, it is officially only available on Samsung devices.

But, XDA Senior Member dgadelha managed to port the application for non-Samsung devices. As expected, some of the very exclusive features don’t work, like unlocking the PC with a fingerprint scanner, as it requires a Samsung Pass. Notification sync and file transfer also remain unfixed for the time being, but the developer is actively working on it. You can use the application for messaging between the phone and the PC. NFC and Mobile Hotspot features are not yet tested.

The developer mentioned that to get file transfer working, Samsung’s My Files application needs to be installed on the device. Unfortunately, it’s not yet ported for non-Samsung devices and likely won’t be. The developers also recommend not to use the application on officially supported Samsung devices as WiDi features are disabled to avoid crashes on non-supported devices. Then again, why’d you want to use modified Samsung Flow on a device that supports it natively?

I tried the application on my own Pixel device, and it worked as intended. But, sometimes it has a problem connecting via Bluetooth inside the Flow app. All you have to do is connect your devices via Bluetooth and then open the Flow app. The thread for the application is available below. You can see more detailed information about what does and does not work. Feel free to report bugs in the thread. The application requires Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above.

Ported Samsung Flow thread at XDA Forum