Samsung Flow Said to Support All Windows 10 PCs in the Future

Samsung Flow Said to Support All Windows 10 PCs in the Future

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Back in CES 2016, Samsung announced a new tablet called the TabPro S. This wasn’t like the company’s traditional tablets that run Android though. Instead, it is a 2-in-1 tablet PC that runs a full version of Windows 10 on it. These 2-in-1 tablets are actually where a lot of tablet sales have gone lately and it’s natural for Samsung to want to get in on that market. Samsung Flow was launched at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco a couple of years ago.

This application was said to provide seamless content handoffs from one device to the next. This handoff was said to be possible between multiple Samsung devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs and even TVs. The application would allow you to transfer content from one device to the next, while also being able to receive notifications from one device to the next (so you could see your smartphone notifications on your TV, for example).

The feature set of this application was expanded with the launch of the Galaxy TabPro S as it also allowed you to log into your tablet by using the fingerprint sensor on your smartphone. This is quite the convenient feature as you can pull your phone out from your pocket as you’re walking to your TabPro S and unlock it right before you sit down. Many people have been wanting Samsung to stop limiting this functionality to just Samsung Windows products, though.

It seems they’re listening as this feature will likely be coming later this year. Someone complained about not being able to install the required software in a review of the application in the Play Store. A representative from Samsung replied and said this functionality would be coming, but that we would have to wait until the next big update to Windows 10 (which likely means early April). So not only will we get the fingerprint sensor authentication for all Windows 10 PC with Samsung devices, but we should also get other features that Samsung Flow offers as well.

Via: SamMobile Source: Google Play