Samsung’s next foldable phone may have a clamshell design

Samsung’s next foldable phone may have a clamshell design

The Samsung Galaxy Fold launch hasn’t exactly gone well. After all the initial hype, once users actually started to get their hands on the phone, it became clear that this was not the perfect folding phone we had all hoped for. The whole fiasco led to Samsung recalling all models of the device, and things went quiet for a while. We’ve since heard that Samsung is working towards a new release, and expect to see it sometime in the next few months.

But the Galaxy Fold is not the only foldable device that Samsung is working on. Back in March, even before the Fold was being sent out to certain media figures, Bloomberg reported that Samsung was already working on a pair of new foldable phones to follow the Fold. Bloomberg’s report said that one of the devices folded like a clamshell – i.e. towards the user – and the other folded away from the user – similar to Huawei’s Mate X.

Now, etnews, a Korean site, has reported that Samsung will release a follow-up to the Galaxy Fold next year. Featuring the clamshell design that Bloomberg discussed earlier this year, the device is focused more on portability and being as compact as possible. Motorola is also reportedly working on a clamshell folder. When unfolded, the device will reportedly display a 6.7-inch screen, similar to that of the Galaxy S10. According to etnews, when folded, there is no secondary display like we saw on the Fold. Instead, there is a small 1-inch screen on the front likely used for showing time and notifications.

SamMobile mentioned that these changes could result in a cheaper device than the Fold. Considering that the Fold starts at $1,980, that may not seem like such an impressive achievement, but it’s important to remember that folding screen technology is still very much in its nascent phase. Expect virtually any foldable phone released in the next year or so to cost upwards of $1,000. The technology – as demonstrated by the Galaxy Fold’s less-than-stellar launch attempt – has yet to fully mature.

Via: SamMobile | Source: etnews

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