Samsung’s Foldable phone expected to launch on November 7 at SDC 2018

Samsung’s Foldable phone expected to launch on November 7 at SDC 2018

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The Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco is scheduled for November 7 and November 8, 2018. The conference is expected to provide developers and tech-savvy users access to the latest developer tools from Samsung, alongside one-on-one meet ups with experts that work with Samsung on their technology solutions. While we will be watching over the conference for updates regarding Samsung’s Bixby AI platform as well as other Samsung innovations, our readers will be particularly interested in the upcoming foldable phone from Samsung that is also expected to be announced at the event.

A report published by Korean website The Bell lays down the display specification of the upcoming device, which has been codenamed “Winner”. According to the report, the foldable smartphone will feature two Super AMOLED displays. The primary display will measure 7.3″ while the secondary display will measure 4.6″. You can use the device as a smartphone when the device is folded, and you can use the same device as a tablet when the device is opened flat.

Samsung is utilizing a hinge mechanism developed by a Korean company. The mechanism ensures that when folded, there is a small space between the panels to prevent them from breaking upon impact. This hinge will also allow users to fold the primary display at various angles, though its use-cases in such scenarios remains to be seen.

Samsung Display will initially produce approximately 100,000 units per month, with a production estimate of 500,000 to 1 Million units per year. Since Samsung will be the first major manufacturer to release a foldable smartphone, it expects to sell only a limited number of units of this first-generation product.

Samsung was also reportedly unclear on adding the secondary display on the device, keeping in mind the monetary and resource cost of such an addition. But at the end, Samsung considered the benefits worth the trade-offs. We’ll find out how well the product is executed in the next few days.