Grab the perfect productivity tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, for $150 off with other goodies at Best Buy

Grab the perfect productivity tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, for $150 off with other goodies at Best Buy

Look, I get you. I spend a lot of time during Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping for myself, not for gifts. You only have a limited time to get those deals, after all, you can’t wait for your uncle to cross-check your aunt’s “I dunno I guess that’d be neat” wishlist. Of course, now you need a gift for Aunt May and you’re struggling to find something perfect. Maybe the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is that gift?

Stick with me here. The Galaxy Tab S7 manages to be more than just a tablet. This tablet is practically a miniature laptop and can do a lot of things you wouldn’t be able to expect it to do, especially if you pick up a keyboard cover. You can perform all your tasks that you may need to do for work, have conference calls with colleagues, friends, and family, and plenty more. The Galaxy Tab S7 is even more portable than most laptops, making it easy to take anywhere.


In addition, you’ll get the S Pen, a popular touch-screen stylus that works wonderfully with the Tab S7. If you’re or a loved one is an artist, then this tablet, alongside the even more expensive iPad, is one of the best options to draw and create with.

The Galaxy Tab S7 is on sale for just $580, $150 off MSRP. Also, you’ll get a $50 Best Buy gift card, and you can save 50% on the aforementioned keyboard cover. Not a bad gift at all!

    Get a great productivity tablet for $150 off at Best Buy! This deal also comes with a $50 Best Buy gift card and half off a keyboard

If you’re maybe looking for something for yourself and also need something a little more powerful, you can’t go wrong with the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. This even beefier tablet is just $780, also $150 off MSRP.

    Need something more powerful? You can also save $150 on the Tab S7 Plus!

You can take a look at the whole selection at Best Buy, which includes other models of the Tab S7 at $100 discounts. Or you can check out our round-up of Tab S7 Plus deals at other retailers. Happy shopping!

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