Samsung Galaxy A series phone with 3 cameras & in-display fingerprint scanner is coming

Samsung Galaxy A series phone with 3 cameras & in-display fingerprint scanner is coming

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According to a report from etnews, a new addition to the Samsung Galaxy A series is on its way. The Samsung Galaxy A series of smartphones constitutes Samsung’s midrange offerings, and are about what you’d expect. An Exynos 7000 series (equivalent to the Snapdragon 600 series), a decent display, and an average camera. Now the next addition to the series has something different – triple cameras and an in-display fingerprint scanner.

We’ve already seen that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is likely to have a triple camera variant, and the company isn’t against an in-display fingerprint scanner either. Huawei has implemented triple cameras to great effect, so it’s not quite a gimmick. It’s pretty cool though in that Samsung seems willing to bring some new – potentially flagship-level – features to their midrange devices. The Samsung Galaxy A series doesn’t have too many defining features and simply offers mid to high-end specifications with a more premium build quality.

Interestingly, the report also suggests that the Samsung Galaxy A successors will use a different type of in-display fingerprint sensor than the S10. The S10 is likely to use an ultrasound technology to implement it, while the A series will use optical. Optical measures the shading on your finger (or thumb) and how the light bends based on a light shot up when scanning. It’s likely that this technology may be slower but cheaper for the company to implement.

The company is gearing up to take the Indian market by the looks of things, and this could be an effort to outpace competitors such as Xiaomi and Honor. They’ve already been doing extremely well in the region, so it’s possible that their mid-range products are selling very well globally too. We don’t know much else about the Samsung Galaxy A8 successor, but we’re sure we’ll learn more as it gets closer to release. Having features meant to launch with the S10 would suggest that this particular device at least won’t launch before it.

Source: etnews