Samsung Galaxy A20, A50, and A70 may launch in North America

Samsung Galaxy A20, A50, and A70 may launch in North America

There’s been a lot of buzz about Samsung lately, what with the launch of the Galaxy S10 and the fiasco that was the Galaxy Fold. But Samsung is not just all about high-end phones. Their Galaxy A and Galaxy J series suit many consumers whose budget may not be as high. The mid-range Galaxy A series, for example, tends to be a good compromise between price and power.  Samsung continues to release various models of the Galaxy A series in India, and they are typically well-received. However, there have no been indications of a US release thus far.

That may be about to change for the Samsung Galaxy A20, Galaxy A50, and Galaxy A70, though. Recently, certifications for the SM-A205U and SM-A205W have shown up on the Wi-Fi Alliance’s certifications pages. SM-205 is the Galaxy A20, while the U means US model, and W means Canadian model. Samsung has firmware for all four US carriers – T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon – so the device should support everything. But this does not guarantee that all four carriers will sell the device.


Galaxy A50 XDA Forum

It’s a similar story for the Galaxy A70. The Wi-Fi Alliance certified SM-A505U and SM-A505W, where SM-A505 is the Galaxy A50, U means US model, and W means Canadian model. Things falter a little bit when we get to the A70, however. Only the SM-A705W has been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance, with no listing for the SM-A705U. This means that the Galaxy A70 may only launch in Canada, though it’s entirely possible that the Wi-Fi Alliance are just ironing out some kinks with the US version.

Galaxy A70 XDA Forum

We also checked for certifications for the Galaxy A10, Galaxy A30, Galaxy A40, Galaxy A60, Galaxy A80, and Galaxy A90, but were unable to find any for the US/Canada. The release of some of the Galaxy A series in the US/Canada market could be the breath of fresh air that Samsung needs to put thoughts of the Galaxy Fold out of consumers’ minds. At least, until they can fix its glaring issues.

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