Samsung releases kernel sources for the Samsung Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50

Samsung releases kernel sources for the Samsung Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50

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Samsung announced the Samsung Galaxy A30 and the Samsung Galaxy A50 in February 2019. The devices then made their way across most of Samsung’s key markets such as India and other Southeast Asian countries, where Samsung expects these devices to dominate the budget and early mid-range price segments along with the rest of the A-series and M-series brethren.

Samsung has now released kernel sources for both of these devices. To download the zip file with the sources, head on over to Samsung Open Source Release Center, and search for SM-A305 for the Galaxy A30 or SM-A505 for the Galaxy A50.

The Galaxy A30 and Galaxy A50 are shaping up to be respectable contenders in their respective price segments, and the average consumer will likely find them attractive owing to Samsung’s omnipresence in the retail space. Both the Galaxy A30 and the Galaxy A50 have also been certified for Google ARCore, as we noted in a previous article, meaning you can now use them officially with Google ARCore and associated apps to create augmented reality experiences.

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However, even with all the goodness that Samsung has brought with these new devices, it has not been able to match the value proposition offered by Chinese OEMs in this price range. Samsung is likely to lose more ground in regions where Chinese alternatives are available and preferred, but it will continue on successfully in markets where these alternatives do not exist.