Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 get official TWRP support

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 get official TWRP support

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Community developer support tends to be hit or miss when it comes to Samsung devices. The company’s high-end offerings have divided the community due to the locked down bootloader of the Snapdragon variants sold in the United States and the Exynos versions sold around the world (minus the Chinese Snapdragon models though). However, official builds of TWRP have just been released for a low-end and upper mid-range smartphone released over the last two years.

First, we have the 2017 variant of the Samsung Galaxy A5, which was released in January of last year and offers some modest specs when it comes to hardware. Inside, it has the Exynos 7880 chipset from Samsung along with 3GB of RAM, up to 64GB of internal storage, a 5.2-inch display, and a 3,000mAh capacity battery.

Download TWRP for the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Official XDA Samsung A Series Forum

For those who don’t like to spend as much money on a smartphone, we have the 2018 variant of the Galaxy J2 Pro. It switches gears to the Snapdragon 425 SoC with 1.5GB of RAM (unless you live in India which received a 2GB RAM variant) and gets powered by a 2,600mAh capacity battery.

Download TWRP for the Galaxy J2 2018 Official XDA Galaxy J2 2018 Forum

Both are capable devices smartphones for those who aren’t looking to play the most graphically intensive games on them. And with official TWRP support available now, we just may see these devices receive unofficial builds of Android after Samsung has given up on them.